Saturday, March 31, 2007

Craps Scoops and Leaves: A love story

Our cat Sushi has finally been introduced to her long live love
Do not ask us why we never thought about getting her this
lovely contraption in the seven years i have had her(four for daVE
SHE IS A joint asset in the marriage)

The thing is fancy
Its almost like a Bentley I swear!
It can sense when the cat steps out of the litterbox(motion sensor)
and then it turns itself on. First it filters the stank of poopy air
and then it magically scoops out the litter into an airtight bin.


you can guess that this new investment of ours
has brought much improvement to the air quality that is our home.
Never again will we smell dirtiness..

oh wait...someday there will be dirty diapers.
anyways :)
maybe they will invent a robot to do that too

ha ha
just kidding
changing diapers is a joy of parenthood

a joy we look foreward to
(not now because we have to now teach the cat NOT to eat the plants)

please know that this post was written during a period of time
where marisa was a little delirious from sweating at the gym

dance dance dance
jazz hands



Thursday, March 29, 2007

Hanalei Hottie

Good Morning

Its a beautiful(sorta chilly) spring day here in Boston.
Please keep in your prayers my cousins and their darling child Riley
who needs all your prayers as he is battling some serious health issues. is the blog address.

Spring is my favorite time of year.
The birds and squirrels are back out for some serious mischievness.
Crazy Bostonians also come out of hiding for some mischievness.

I do not have that much to report
other than i feel good and I am really enjoying my new gym routine
Yoga has done wonders for me.
What inspires me to live life is a host of so many things.
There is much to be thankful for
and I thank you all for being so attentive to my blog.

here is a picture of one of my favorite flowers of all time
David, the correct latin word for this is
"Paonia" . See, we have a thesaurus like battle about the word
Peony. Lets call the whole thing Paonia. That sounds fabulous.


Friday, March 02, 2007

Flambeau Baby Flambeau!

I deserve a new pair of shoes
I really do.
I am taking the bull by the horns
and getting myself out there
for freelance work.

If i do score this freelance job.
Then i owe myself a pedicure
and these shoes

Yeah Baby
Its about time

and the style of the shoe
is FLAMBEAU at anthropologie.

That store...
it speaks to me

I am on fire!

I take back whatever i said before about not feeling
"into" yoga. Yoga has been kicking me hard

chattaranga yourself
I rock.
and i feel good