Friday, September 30, 2005

She's a real smoky kitten

Good Morning All

Its Friday! Just two days to go til The Punk Rock Wedding of my sister in da law, Stine and my future brother in law Dave. The hair is gonna be DID. The nails are gonna be DONE. The dress is fabulous and waiting to be worn and myself as a bridesmaid, I am feeling the excitement.

I am also wicked excited(boston thing) to be wearing my new perfume of the season, LOVELY by Sarah Jessica....a true glamour compadre. Very nice scent! The good thing about it is its sultry but not overwhelming and can remind you of Green Apple Martinis which I am very fond of (two marachino cherries please).

My husbands family is lacing up their dance shoes. My brother jokingly nominated himself for Homecoming King and The presents are bought. The bride is anxious as all brides normally are but I think after the rehearsal she will be ultra relaxed(that is after i slip a valium in her diet coke) ha ha ha. JUST KIDDING!

The brother in law originally from Rockport,MA but currently earthy crunching it in Corvallis Oregon has arrived and much fun is to be had with him. It is exciting seeing as the last time i saw him was over a year ago. That should be fun. G Money Bags will make his comeback!

In true Marisa Josephine fashion let me bid you champagne wishes and caviar dreams for a lovely lovely weekend! October is knocking at our door! Answer the damn door!


Thursday, September 22, 2005

High Tea and 85 Degrees in September

When my husband and I recently traveled to London, UK we ventured to many cultural institutions along the Thames. We did the jubilee bridge, shakespeares globe theatre and various art museums(of course).

We did get to really honeymoon again. It was great. We had a couple of days to romance the heck out of London. It really was a beautiful place. I had always wanted to do High Tea so My awesome husband David thought what better place to go than the Savoy Hotel. This picture is not great quality because i need to retouch the lighting but this picture inspires me. It reminds me to enjoy the finer things in life. That trip to London and Spain really was great for us. We always have fun when we travel and that when can always be a long wait. But we did it. We saw London. Both our second times in london...Our first together as Married.

I am reminded of my newest favorite apprentice host, Martha Stewart. You see, I love martha criminal and all and I admire her strength and ingenuity. She taught me a little bit more about 'good things than i ever knew I could learn. Since she has a new trademark way of letting go of people from her competition I thought I would make this my trademark sign off too.

Have a great night and enjoy a cup of tea.


Marisa Josephine

Monday, September 19, 2005

Back in Black

This weekend I scrapped the highlights in my hair and the stress of everyday life by having the GREATEST time with my fabulous sister in law Christine and the fabulous bridesmaids for a night out to celebrate Christine's Bachelorette Party.

It was a mighty fine Saturday with Drinks & Food and LOTS OF FUN!

This night proved to me and christine that WE at 29 still got it going on.
We can dance all night and still function the next day.
Stiletto Martinis are pretty racy and good
and Christine and I can outdance the skinny waifs at the bar. :)

I finally was able to rid myself of the brassy golden highlights in my hair and therefore I am happy to be back to my dramatic dark haired raven self.
(even though this is not a picture of get the picture...capice?)

Bring It on Monday! Bring it on!

Thursday, September 15, 2005

sleekening it if possible...

So this morning when i woke up at the ripe hour of 530am EST, I said to myself...why do people get up this early and go to the gym? Then my subconsious(the reasonably part of my brain) said, "Marisa, you owe it to yourself to start this day off on the right foot!. So Dragged myself up and out of that comfy bed and grabbed my cellphone, my jewels and my gym bag(packed with clothes), carressed the cat as she was startled by the LIght so early in the morning and headed out to the gym for my 6am spinning class.

I am happy to say this gym in the morning thing is really working for me. I am starting to make friends in the locker room and it feels good to be up and going well before my colleagues. And well.....spinning class kicks ass!

You see, I am trying to kick my own ass. Its pretty good so far. I am motivated by photos I find in my travels to own all the pretty books i have very little time to read. I am a graphic designer by nature so i am drawn to well designed book covers and stories of wild women. I myself am a little wild but conservative. My husband thought it would be funny to compare me to Charlotte on sex and the city. I was definately flattered. This makes me feel good. Its good to know others think you are truly making progress. The more i struggle to feel comfortable with who i am the more i am driven to get more out of life. For me, fun is spinning class at the gym.
Fun is dressing up for fun events with my friends and family. Fun is enjoying life as it is meant to be enjoyed. Today is a wonderful day! envision yourself cool and fashionista!

Even though its raining outside today
Always know its always a sunny day in your thoughts.

:)(my envisionment of the day)

Monday, September 12, 2005

So darlings

So darlings...Whats your passion?

Good Monday Ladies and Gents
This is a glorious 90 degree monday in the most awesome of cities(at least we think it is anyways). Its September 12th and its 90 degrees. Wow this could only be New England huh?

Anyways...I wanted to share a silly picture of me a week ago at my sister in law, Christine's pre-bachelorette party at the ever so fashionable restaurant Cuchi Cuchi near Central Sq in Cambridgetown. Here my husband and i had discovered a drink(as we like to discover drinks that are cool) that is called The ICE HOTEL. This drink is amazing and apparently seasonal at the Cuchi Cuchi. The restaurant itself is right out of a crazy movie. Since I myself love getting dressed up I thought this Diva party was a plan...The other bridesmaid Kara set this whole thing up. There will be more pics to come if you are lucky but in the meantime check out the Ice hotel and my real diamond necklace...ha ha ha

If i owned a necklace that big would I not have someone else typing my blog while i drank martinis? I think yes.

Kisses to all! Un bacio tutti!