Monday, October 30, 2006

Now this is what I am about!

Today is Monday. The weekend was pretty much fabulous
as it usually is because I get to spend quality time with myself
and quality time doing what I love to do.
Usually my weekend involves working both days
but this weekend was awesome.

First it started out on Friday. My husband and I got to do a
project together and then I had steak(yum!) and then we saw
The movie I have been wanting to see...."little children"
Kate Winslet deserves an oscar for this movie. Its a complex
movie that both amused David and I and intrigued us. The movie
is about living your life the way you want to. It was enlightening
and exciting and I highly reccomend it.

Second, I worked and went to two of my new favorite Gym classes.
First was the ultra intensity DANCE class where I shaked my groove
thing and then I lifted weights in Pilates Sculpt class.
(because....I am fabulous)

Third....We indulged in Sushi and Soba at one of my Fave restaurants
FUJI 1546 in Quincy. I had the best sour apple martini with Belvedere Vodka
and BOY did it rock my world.

Fourth....I am now the proud subscriber to DVR on my Comcastic Cable
and IT IS FABULOUS...If you watched the Flavor of Love reunion on VH1
you would know why I am saying FABULOUS so much


I am fabulous

and I kick ass because I take the Bull by the horns and BRING IT
(i also indulged in a leopard print calf hair wallet so I FEEL GOOD)

so tonight if my husband feels lucky
I might bake BROWNIES in honor of not having to work
on Halloween Night tommorrow and we can indulge in some
KICK ASS brownies and FONDUE

yeah baby yeah!


Friday, October 27, 2006

Watch out Boy she'll Eat you UP!

(picture to come.....image server down)


Should I be working? Well I do not want to work right now.
I never seem to want to work. Pshaw! Work?
I have more important things to do.

I have to be a Strategist Man-Eater
since the co-workers (ahem...blood relations...)
seem to make some dumb ventures and there is nothing
I can possibly think of that can make me not
want to incur emotional harm on them.

Ok . I said it.
Business men use their back-asswards way of thinking.
I just rebel by shopping for things that make me happy.
Seriously you may think I am a nut
but for some reason I am just trying to
imagine a more glamourous life
The life I imagine to have someday
involves one sexy dress after another and caviar dreams

Ignorant people need not apply to join this social club.
You will be denied.

In the meantime...Its friday and I cannot wait to see
my coveted Independent Film of choice tonight....
"little children" starring Kate Winslet

Now that is a true lady. Kate Winslet is one of
my favorite actresses. The movie is about
two stay at home parents that have an affair.
SCANDAL! But I like scandal....

I am a Man-Eater you know!
Happy Friday....Drink UP!


Thursday, October 19, 2006

I'm bringin Sexy Back....

You better watch your BACK!

Today is a new day. Today is the day after Project Runway Finale.
Jeffrey won and This is ok.
I would have preferred any one of the designers
but I have to applaud ULI who pulled it together
and Laura who will sell clothes anyways without the show
I just wish Laura would donate me that fabulous lace top and silver pants suit.
I want to be a femme fatale.

Victoria Beckham embodies Sexy Back
Even though you may think she is too skinny(i do think so too)
she still brings it
and for a Thursday

it sits with me straight....

and David Beckham is fine
so its all right
on a saturday night.....

TOP CHEF is the show to watch
There is a character on there named MARISA and she is
awesome too.. Must go with the name....

Y'all don't be hatin....Biting the Eiffel tower
just kicks ass


Saturday, October 07, 2006

ONE...Singular Sensation...

The Second Coming of Jesus Christ is here!
A chorus line is being revived on Broadway
My respect for Musical Theater has now been renewed


You have to understand
Tap Dancing was my life for 12 years
I love nothing more than Tap dancing
I have watched the movie of this like 1500 times
I am destined to be a superstar!

ha ha
back to my work

Think about know you want to wear a GOLD LAME LEOTARD!(and leggings)