Friday, June 30, 2006

"Everything she does is a public affair but this is about having fun."

Hey Girls and Guys

Its been a while since my last post. I have been pretty busy
being sick with a fabulous case of Bronchitis and Sinusitis
but today I am starting to feel better! Hooray!
(I am sick of sleeping in a sitting up position)

At times like this I am in need of a Kraft-Matic Adjustable Bed

Anyways enough of that random Talk.
This is the Fourth of July Ultra Long weekend of Fun!
I am very excited to go to our favorite Bar tonight....FUJI 1546!
I am also planning to venture to the Beach tommorrow and
Pretend I am a celebrity. I LOVE FOURTH OF JULY WEEKEND!

I am also happy to say that I will be able to attend
a really ROCKIN Party at my Fabulous Friend Michelles 29th Birthday!
I am making a BARBIE CAKE as I do every year for my cool-ass friend!
I might take a picture and post it
but you have to mail me a pair of ultra cool rollerskates
and buy me a set of tix to XANADU: THE MUSICAL on BROADWAY

they are making a musical
and I just HAVE TO GO!

GOOD LUCK TO MOther in Chief and her Husband Cousin Kenny
because My husband and I are praying for a NEAR-HAPPENING BABY DELIVERY

Fingers Crossed
Sweatbands are on
Lets Dance on our Rollerskates!

ciao tutti


Friday, June 16, 2006

I guess the Cat did it!

Husbands are a different species

case in point:
i turned the TV on yesterday
(because i wanted to watch the Britney Spears Interview on the TODAY SHOW)
(but i missed is why)

went in the other room
when i came back in the room
the TV was OFF
so i said to my husband
"did you turn it off?"
he said
"why are you accusing me of turning the tv off?"

i said
"well then I guess the cat did it"

Damn I better make my cat do more tricks!
Mama needs a new Car!

If at Nothing....Drink the Wine!

Hi all
I am sorry for my lack of posting. It has been one heck of a June!
I ventured to NAPA VALLEY and begun my third career of Wine Taster to the Stars...
Then i started my fourth Career as a Pussycat Doll.

Dontcha want to ride the wine tram...
Dontcha wish your wine was like mine...
Dontcha want to ride the wine train

I am back supposedly working
but i took a quick break to write a quick post
I am told by my loyal readers
that i need to pick up the slack and post more.
I am not a Taylor Hater by the way....Even though he is a one trick pony
BUT yes.....Taylor is a silly man and he is my age too so i got to
cut the new American Idol some slackola''

More to come about my fabulous San Francisco adventure
where I attempted to get more in touch with um ....
Grape Juice wine.....bubbly and
Peruvian Food

mui caliente!!!!!!!!!