Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Chocolate & Zucchini

(picture courtesy of amazon.com)

NOw if this is not the coolest cookbook in the
world....I do not know what is.

This woman, Clothilde is a fabulous blog writer. I have followed her Blog. You can read her blog at chocolateandzucchini.com. Now you can even buy her New Cookbook on amazon.com or your local favorite bookseller.

I have to give props where they are deserved.
You can bet this is on my Amazon wishlist(hint hint)



Monday, February 18, 2008

A rose by any other name...

Hi there
Its been a little while. I am still alive.
Very great week so far. We have a NEW car so the
world of Volkswagen Hell has come to an end.

We have gone Japanese
and its the greatest!

Here is a picture of a lovely rose
that I received from my lovely husband
and Valentines was so wonderful!

ciao for now


Monday, February 11, 2008

Hail to Julia Child...my idol

On today's date, February 11, in 1963 Julia Child's "The French Chef" cooking show first appeared on national television.

Isn't that a beautiful way to start the new week?

I thought so.


Friday, February 08, 2008

this is why i love editorial design....

a page can mean a thousand words.
good design like this sends chills up my spine.

this could not have been phrased better.


Monday, February 04, 2008

Life is Just a Bowl of Cherries...frozen or fresh

Yes. I am from New England. Yes. I am bummed about the
Patriots losing. I still love the Patriots and mr #12.
It was an upset but there were plenty of factors that contributed
to their demise.

But its a GAME. Sometimes you win. Sometimes you lose.
Its no big deal.

Today is a new day. A day to hope for a better season next year.
I am just glad i did not bet a million dollahs on the game.

So to cheer you up....Lets talk about the benefit(also a cosmetics co)
of the lovely fruit....Cherries.

Fitsugar.com had a great article and since Fit sugar seems to be my new
favorite pasttime.....read on.

Discover the power of eating heart-healthy red foods during the first-ever

National Eat Red Week, Feb. 4-10, 2008

in support of Heart Health Month.

Why? Well, studies from the University of Michigan suggest that the pigments that produce the red color in many fruits and vegetables like fresh cherries and tomatoes, are actually powerful disease-fighting antioxidants that may help reduce inflammation associated with atherosclerosis — hardening of the arteries — and reduce certain risk factors for heart disease.

To learn more and to donate $1 to the American Heart Rate Association by simply clicking a button (no cost to you) visit Choosecherries.com.
Have you eaten any red foods today? I know i put some frozen cherries in
my yummy smoothie for breakfast and its a wonderful thing.

I am curious so tell me in the comments section below.