Tuesday, December 27, 2005

YUMM-O !!!!!!

Its December 27th Ladies and Gents!
Have your stomachs recovered yet? Mine is ultimately happy
My brain is ultimately happy
My smiles just cannot get any bigger

I am the proud owner of the New Black Motorola Razor(my secret husband)
and The new RACHEL RAY COOKBOOK(autographed no less )
Rachel Ray....You rock!
Your the inspiration!

when you throw yourself and your desire into lifes stewing hot pot
its only one thing....


Thank you to all who have been able to share this wondrous holiday with me
I am so blessed to have all of you in my life. You make me happy and glad
to know that there are some very special people in my life.

Sushi, even you make me happy when you do not eat the ribbons off
the sparkly presents under the tree. To my husband Dave, I am so
appreciative of everything!!!!!!!!!!!! To my family, It was so good
to be able to spend great times with you

Buon Natale
Grazie Tutti!


Friday, December 16, 2005

Napoleon Dynamite moment #5392578

Yeah you heard me!
Your just jealous of my LIGER!

If you have not seen this movie...Pedro does not offer you his protection.
Thank God Pedro offers me his. I need his protection today.
The snow and rain is sort of icyness. Lets hope I do not swerve off the pavement.
My uncle had a slight swervy experience today that made him get in a car accident.
He is fine. The other car took a beating though.

But you know what
I am thankful its friday
but since i work on the weekends
Its just another day
I do look foreward to shaking my groove thing at Dave's Work party this weekend.
Bring on the Jamiroquoi!

Monday, December 12, 2005

Yeehaw its Monday

Ok people I am not an alcoholic. I am just emphasising how crazy this
whole holiday season can be if you COOK with this stuff. It makes a
mean barbecue! We had a blast in Texas. I cannot wait to go back someday.
The County Line barbecue was amazing. I never knew I liked Ribs and Beef Brisket
THAT MUCH but I did.

Texas was really good to me and Dave. We had fun with our friends and
enjoyed alone time as we... With Dave in school and me working 7 days a week
it can be a little daunting. But I treated myself to a 5 star spa in
San Antonio and a few too many Jack Daniels. Thank you to all the kind
people we met and to our friends for being so much fun.

On another note...The snow is not really helping out our pocketbooks in
the car department but that is a story for another time. Did you know we are not allowed to put up a christmas tree at GLAMOUR KItChen store but we can display menorahs with candles?

think about that one
and the fact that i have only 10% of my christmas shopping done
and i work in the mall
fancy that?
but i have to say
With the Holidays approaching I feel blessed to have good family,
good friends and a lot to look foreward to in January 2006
(that might even involve some possible Temp work in Graphics)
we shall see how that pans out though.

Ciao for Now!