Friday, October 28, 2005

StellaMarina Originata 28.10.05

Ciao mi amici,
Thus thinking through my life as an italian flirt/designer. I have thought of a name that always bring joy to my heart. I have always loved the ocean. I could not live away from the ocean ever. The ocean is part of my heritage on all parts of my family life. I live in Boston for one. My moms famiglia is from Sicily, Italia for two. My in-laws live in a tiny town in Massachusetts called Rockport(which i have always loved visiting day in and out both as a child and then I met my wonderful husband who always supports whatever I do)......Switchbox! Think! Thanks michelle for showing me how random i can truly be. Anyways back to my point...

My Papa and Nana had a war when I was in the womb. They warred over what my name would be. My Nana wanted to name me Marina. My Papa wanted me to be named Lucia. My Mamma won out(she usually does...i think i get my persuasive abilities from her) and named me Marisa which has that ring like Lucia would have had and Marina is close to my name. Do not even ask me where my mamma got my name because then you would know that I too can resemble Hollywood hollywoood royalty....Switchbox...get to the point!

So I have always thought of a starfish being a beautiful, delicate creature. I also see starfish as having the ability to adapt to any task. I channeled my energy into researching the word for Starfish en Italiano and I found my new name for hopefully my freelance design.....Its a work in progress so my name might be altered
but for now on a friday with my brain feeling intact(thank you to the gym yesterday for giving me that pep) I feel like this new name has promise. Just as my career in Graphic Design has promise too. Now i have to keep on track and really develop and work on promoting this new idea. I think this new name makes me happy. Hope it flys!


Have a wonderful rest of your day and a fabulous weekend!

Thursday, October 27, 2005

Losing my Mind and Sanity.....

My God,
What could have been a normal morning has been turned upside down. I get to work and not only has someone stolen my parking space but i had to block like a way from the office. Not that i do not need the exercise but it is like 30 degrees here today and I am always cold. I am trying to sip my coffee and calm and think of Yoga poses. This is one i aspire to master someday(but alas i am not that good yet).

I am also annoyed with my job today and this close to just going back home but with the enormous amount of work on my desk today i just have to stay at least til 3. Maybe i will try to squeeze a workout session at the gym on my way to Job #2 this evening. Maybe that will be something i can look foreward to. I think i just left a weird voicemail message on someones voicemail that i was peturbed about. I am losing my mind. Why do I do this job again?

Anyways it pays the bills and i have a crapload of them to pay this month. My vision of the moment that is keeping me sane is this Yoga pose. Oh to be Madonna and be able to do this pose!

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Blowing Snow for the Low Price of $150

Wooowee This darn snowglobe is the best y'all!
I put three outside my house this year ya hear?

I realy did not buy the 150 dollar blow up toy. My good
friend Michelle took this picture while she grocery shopped
last night. Can you believe with children going to bed
without food nowadays some people choose to buy
crazy stuff like this?
You could feed your family of 4 with 150 bucks
for at least two weeks
You could pay for heat for half a month in the winter.
You could invest the money towards your childs college tuition fund.

Well I guess the suburban people have to get their holiday kicks.
I get my kicks with martinis and shoes.

Also check out the OLD picture of the first time
my friend Kat(now happily married in Germany) introduced
me to the LOMO camera which is how in fact she met her
lovely German Husband named Alex!(otherwise known as Sasha)
Funny how you find the strangest remnants of your life
(like this photo taken in 2000) on the net when you least expect it.
ha ha ha

Monday, October 17, 2005

Simplicity....So hard

Today on a Monday I sit here with Artists Block. Have you ever heard such a thing?
Well. I am living it. I sit here with my talent and I think HOW can i make myself
a more clear and inviting entity. What THE? I know, you are confused right at this moment.....I am too.

I am trying to get myself together. Well I have it together but I am trying to evoke my former craziness that has since eluded me since I have taken on a more corporate and somewhat dull existance being a Accounts Payable person. Sure my job is fun to a point, Sure I would rather be hosting my own cooking show but a part of me who makes me ME is trying to get my attention again.

Thank you to my friend Kara for helping me see that I too can find my art life again. I am just doing some soul searching. That is probably why my new post has been almost two weeks in waiting. Wow time goes by so fast and its so hard to not get dizzy. I am dreaming up some new project for my portfolio right now but its taken me longer than expected to get my ducks in order. I have started trying to get myself motivated but as they say....good stuff takes time.

Time is of the essence right now.
Maybe I will have more time for myself tommorrow.
Today though its quitting time for one job and moving on to my night time
part time Kitchen Goods stint. Looks like I will have to resume this thought
til tommorrow

If any of you have ever had a hard time thinking of a name for your freelance design co please fill me in on some pointers. Buona notte!