Monday, January 22, 2007

Kitchen Mystere!

Hi there
So its monday and I do not have much time to converse
but i would like to tell you about the book I am hoping to go score
at the Boston Public Library.
Normally I would go buy this book BUT I have been told
that I need to conserve money when it comes to cookbooks and things
dealing with my love of cooking. I recently purchased a wonderful cookbook
entitled: "Spanish Country Kitchen" It is wonderful and very
fun to read. I plan on trying to attempt FIG fritters and
Stuffed Oysters at some point. YUM-O!

Anthony Bourdain(the guy in the shot above) is a world reknowned chef
who risks his life to persue the great eats of the world.
I am anxious to read all about it.

GO to your bookstore or Library and get this book
try to read it between all the other things in your life
and comment to me about it if you may

Ciao Tutti!

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

QuickFire Exotique!

Yeah...I feel Fabulous Today
I am taking care of myself
and IT feels GOOD

I should be worried about many things
BUT for some reason I am calm
Usually the tenth is a busy day for me at work
and Yes it is. BUT I am not stressed
its all too strange

I need to do something with my hair though
so possibly i might call my stylist
and make something good happen!

back to busy busy BILL day


Thursday, January 04, 2007

Ciao Darling ? Come Stai?

Ciao Mi Amici!

How have you been? How were your Holidays?
Hope they went well. I was sick for a bit so I was not really up to blogging
I appreciate your concern though

I am back to being fancy and oh so know....fabulous
I have not had caffeine in over 12 days and I think
it actually helps me stay on top of my nerves
I think i will go for it and try to live on less caffeine.
It seems to make me happier.
Starbucks decaf is so good too so I think i can keep up this new habit.
Dunkin Donuts should be outlawed. The coffee continues to disappoint me!

Audrey would not have anything so no class
so I am outruling Dunkin as of today

more later! so much work to do!