Tuesday, December 27, 2005

YUMM-O !!!!!!

Its December 27th Ladies and Gents!
Have your stomachs recovered yet? Mine is ultimately happy
My brain is ultimately happy
My smiles just cannot get any bigger

I am the proud owner of the New Black Motorola Razor(my secret husband)
and The new RACHEL RAY COOKBOOK(autographed no less )
Rachel Ray....You rock!
Your the inspiration!

when you throw yourself and your desire into lifes stewing hot pot
its only one thing....


Thank you to all who have been able to share this wondrous holiday with me
I am so blessed to have all of you in my life. You make me happy and glad
to know that there are some very special people in my life.

Sushi, even you make me happy when you do not eat the ribbons off
the sparkly presents under the tree. To my husband Dave, I am so
appreciative of everything!!!!!!!!!!!! To my family, It was so good
to be able to spend great times with you

Buon Natale
Grazie Tutti!


Friday, December 16, 2005

Napoleon Dynamite moment #5392578

Yeah you heard me!
Your just jealous of my LIGER!

If you have not seen this movie...Pedro does not offer you his protection.
Thank God Pedro offers me his. I need his protection today.
The snow and rain is sort of icyness. Lets hope I do not swerve off the pavement.
My uncle had a slight swervy experience today that made him get in a car accident.
He is fine. The other car took a beating though.

But you know what
I am thankful its friday
but since i work on the weekends
Its just another day
I do look foreward to shaking my groove thing at Dave's Work party this weekend.
Bring on the Jamiroquoi!

Monday, December 12, 2005

Yeehaw its Monday

Ok people I am not an alcoholic. I am just emphasising how crazy this
whole holiday season can be if you COOK with this stuff. It makes a
mean barbecue! We had a blast in Texas. I cannot wait to go back someday.
The County Line barbecue was amazing. I never knew I liked Ribs and Beef Brisket
THAT MUCH but I did.

Texas was really good to me and Dave. We had fun with our friends and
enjoyed alone time as we... With Dave in school and me working 7 days a week
it can be a little daunting. But I treated myself to a 5 star spa in
San Antonio and a few too many Jack Daniels. Thank you to all the kind
people we met and to our friends for being so much fun.

On another note...The snow is not really helping out our pocketbooks in
the car department but that is a story for another time. Did you know we are not allowed to put up a christmas tree at GLAMOUR KItChen store but we can display menorahs with candles?

think about that one
and the fact that i have only 10% of my christmas shopping done
and i work in the mall
fancy that?
but i have to say
With the Holidays approaching I feel blessed to have good family,
good friends and a lot to look foreward to in January 2006
(that might even involve some possible Temp work in Graphics)
we shall see how that pans out though.

Ciao for Now!


Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Dear Nike: My Husband is INSANE

Dear Nike,
I think you should know that one of your greatest fans is definately insane
(but in a cute way)Last night was such an event. I did get some laundry
done though and thats about it.

Dave cooked dinner, I folded some laundry and then i ended up taking him to Mass Ear and Ear Infirmary Emergency Room because he said he could not see clearly out of his
right eye(he was mugged two years ago and hit with a bottle and had some damage to his right eye)He said he was having flashes of light and really wanted to go to the hospital.
> so i got out of my PJs and headed to hospital and after a few hours....came home.
> he is fine. he had some pressure in his eye
> and a migraine that was causing him to be dizzy and
> not be able to speak in
> complete sentences. he is ok this morning
> you know how he did this to himself......???????????
> this is the kicker...........
> he donated a PINT of blood yesterday for charity
> and then
> my husband
> book smart but lacking in common sense
> but i guess he is a true athlete

> anyways
> today I drove him to school
> because he has a big exam and he needed to study before the exam....couldn't
> do that in the hospital I wanted to get here earlier but I got stuck in
> rush hour traffic but at least he is ok
> and that is all that matters

Have a wonderful and safe day everyone!
PICTURE NOTES: THIS PICTURE ABOVE WAS TAKEN TWO YEARS AGO WITH ONE OF DAVE AND I's friends Annie C.It is not me in the picture.Shes the bomb! Shout outs to Annie!

Friday, November 18, 2005

I walk the Line! Yeehaw!

Good afternoon Darlins'
I am so excited! Dave has agreed to go see WALK THE LINE Tonight!
I love Johnny Cash! I love Country!
I love my husband! I love McCormick and Schmicks!
I am predicting oysters in our future! YUM

I have to apologise to you all for my nutty post yesterday.
I just also want to comment that I could not be the person
I am today without my good husband, my good family and
my great friends. Thank you all for being so caring.

I just want to say....I think Hollywood has finally
done something right by making this MOvie

Have a fine evening y'all!


Thursday, November 17, 2005

I GIVE THE f...UP today...I JUST DO

I try and try to get the people in my life to collaborate
and get stuff done but somehow I end up like the failing teams
project manager on the Apprentice. I end up getting
to be the human scapegoat.

I am not being arrogant in saying that
I have to make the phonecalls
and why should someone AT HOME
do what they are both involved in with me


so am i nuts?
I am just able to MULTITASK
in a world where others choose not to.


Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Cake that is 2.5 Years Old

Welcome all to my Wedding Memory Lane

David and I were Married May 31,2003
It is now November 16,2005
wedding album

This has been a crazy time in our lives
Not to mention my husband and i both are scheduled maniacs
with just enough time to breathe

But now i need to take a breath of fresh air
crack the whip on the holdup of the wedding album
and arrange a meeting with our ever so talented photographer
and get this album cracking before we hit our THIRD anniversary.

I love my husband and I have the memories of our wonderful wedding
but for God Sakes its about time we document it
with the expensive but awesome Photos we so PAID for

Please say some prayers that the photographer is able to meet with us soon or else you will be praying for my mind to return to my head.

(not the clearest picture of me or dave but its pretty decoration for my blog)


Monday, November 14, 2005

Mama Licari & Her Sauce

Monday Monday
The Day after sunday
I have so many new HAPPY(yes happy...can you believe it?) thoughts in my head
Call me nuts. Call me wild. Call me Happy cuz thats what I am.
But It all started with a Concert. And a martini with a good friend.
Megs I was so happy to see you. You totally made my night!
Those of you who know me know i like the Arts and Theater
Most of you know my nutty taste in Music(i.e country and hip-hop)
You all know my love of cooking
Now i feel blessed to know another Blogger, Francesca
of: Frankiecan'trelax Fame.

I hope you do not mind me posting an awesome excerpt from your
blog today girl. You truly speak what i think.

"But, if the way to a man heart is through his stomach, then the window to an Italian
woman's soul is in her oven. You can tell how much said woman likes the man she is cooking for by checking out what is bubbling under the lids on the stove. To me, making a man a pot of homemade sauce is a very loving gesture. The process takes anywhere from 5-8 hours,depending on how much you are making. A medley of meats, cheeses, wine, and other ingredients slowly simmer to perfection under the attentive hand of the cook. The recipe is secret, passed down from generation to generation. "

Brava mi amici! Tutti Brava!

I will elaborate on the concert maybe tommorrow
I think if i do not get this work done thats on my desk today
I will be in serious sauce.

Ciao Ciao


Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Imagining Myself in Hawaii

Hi all
Ok so I went a bit overboard in my last post this morning. I am not really a lunatic by nature. I am obsessive sometimes but I do have the ability to practice my prana-yana breathing....as in focus breathing I learned in Yoga.

I envision the beauty of the glorious endangered turtle.
I envision that I should not let Bacon ruin my Day.
I envision that all people should coexist together.
I also do not want to make people think I am a complainer all the Time.

I am thinking a new thought now.
Its amazing what deep breathing can do.
I will try my best to make this day more peaceful and
try to ignore the tendency to make more gray hairs for myself.

I will try to be above the annoyances of my careless co-workers.
I think of NAMASTE.
Namaste is Hindu and it translates to:


(i think i will reward my self with a subscription to
Howdesign Magazine......I think it will inspire me to be
a more focused designer)

Start the Day off with a PIG!

hey there people
I am trying to continue thinking today is a beautiful day

It is a chilly morning in boston and my so called non classy co-worker
has cooked like a pound of bacon in the microwave right next to my desk. Its not that i do not eat bacon on occasion but usually in the rare instance I do indeed

Some people just have no class. Some people are just damn selfish. I am trying to get past this but that damn smell of Bacon makes me feel like I work at McDonalds.
I really hope that in the move to the next office(our company will be moving in god knows how long but not soon enough) that i will be far away from the damn microwave.

(note: this particular employee does something greasy in the microwave on a daily basis and no matter how hard you try to stress to her she never listens)
I would rather get to work late than subject my fellow employees to the stench of greasy bacon......Ok I had to vent.
I am not a rude person. I just eat breakfast before I come to work.

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Put the O back in Country!

Hey y'all,
This picture of Shooter Jennings Cracked me UP this morning. Seriously can this guy look any damn funnier? Sometimes you need to laugh at stuff. This world is pretty funny you just have to let yourself be amused.

I for one, enjoy the fine tune of Country Music. I enjoy it so much that I am counting the days til we (Dave and I) get to go to Texas to experience this genre of music in all its glory. Its music that makes you smile! and Laugh! and there is not enough laughing in this world.

Today if you see someone on the street, smile their way....you might have made them realise life is really not that serious.

On other notes, the funniest thing that made me laugh(other than the shooter jennings guy) was when i went to the voting booth this morning. I said my name like 5 times and had to manually point out my name because the person who was checking the registration books seemed to not be able to read what was in front of them so i basically checked my name off for them. The other thing that cracks me up about going to the voting place is the fact that as you try to enter through the door everyone and their mother tries to accost you with brochures of who to vote for. I know I read up on my candidates before going down to the voting booth. The amusing thing is the brochures just basically say the candidates name. If the candidates really want the voter to make an educated choice they should refresh the voters memory with the run down of their stances on important issues. So instead.....voters are more confused than ever. I know I am not confused. Everyone GO VOTE!

Thursday, November 03, 2005

Apparently I look Good Today....well Thats nice.

*copyright note- this photo was taken from a website called toothpastefordinner.com---a highly amusing website check it out!

Hi all,
Do you ever have one of those days when it all seems to make more sense than the day before? But then you think....Jeez why can't others just be normal human beings?. I am not truly complaining in this post but i feel like some people forget the rules of being friends and just basically turn into weirdos you somehow know.

Obviously this post is scattered but at this moment let me just say this......
Sometimes you just gotta do your THANG on yo OWN! As my friend G-Spice says to me
all the time.....Why be Wack? Hollah! Get down with yo bad self!

Well babies.....The bad self has had enough. its time for a personal redesign.
Also i am scrapping the StellaMarina thing in favor of the SugarOrchid design name.

SugarOrchid sound so much more fashionable....more later!


Friday, October 28, 2005

StellaMarina Originata 28.10.05

Ciao mi amici,
Thus thinking through my life as an italian flirt/designer. I have thought of a name that always bring joy to my heart. I have always loved the ocean. I could not live away from the ocean ever. The ocean is part of my heritage on all parts of my family life. I live in Boston for one. My moms famiglia is from Sicily, Italia for two. My in-laws live in a tiny town in Massachusetts called Rockport(which i have always loved visiting day in and out both as a child and then I met my wonderful husband who always supports whatever I do)......Switchbox! Think! Thanks michelle for showing me how random i can truly be. Anyways back to my point...

My Papa and Nana had a war when I was in the womb. They warred over what my name would be. My Nana wanted to name me Marina. My Papa wanted me to be named Lucia. My Mamma won out(she usually does...i think i get my persuasive abilities from her) and named me Marisa which has that ring like Lucia would have had and Marina is close to my name. Do not even ask me where my mamma got my name because then you would know that I too can resemble Hollywood royalty....er ...um....italian hollywoood royalty....Switchbox...get to the point!

So I have always thought of a starfish being a beautiful, delicate creature. I also see starfish as having the ability to adapt to any task. I channeled my energy into researching the word for Starfish en Italiano and I found my new name for hopefully my freelance design.....Its a work in progress so my name might be altered
but for now on a friday with my brain feeling intact(thank you to the gym yesterday for giving me that pep) I feel like this new name has promise. Just as my career in Graphic Design has promise too. Now i have to keep on track and really develop and work on promoting this new idea. I think this new name makes me happy. Hope it flys!


Have a wonderful rest of your day and a fabulous weekend!

Thursday, October 27, 2005

Losing my Mind and Sanity.....

My God,
What could have been a normal morning has been turned upside down. I get to work and not only has someone stolen my parking space but i had to block like a way from the office. Not that i do not need the exercise but it is like 30 degrees here today and I am always cold. I am trying to sip my coffee and calm and think of Yoga poses. This is one i aspire to master someday(but alas i am not that good yet).

I am also annoyed with my job today and this close to just going back home but with the enormous amount of work on my desk today i just have to stay at least til 3. Maybe i will try to squeeze a workout session at the gym on my way to Job #2 this evening. Maybe that will be something i can look foreward to. I think i just left a weird voicemail message on someones voicemail that i was peturbed about. I am losing my mind. Why do I do this job again?

Anyways it pays the bills and i have a crapload of them to pay this month. My vision of the moment that is keeping me sane is this Yoga pose. Oh to be Madonna and be able to do this pose!

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Blowing Snow for the Low Price of $150

Wooowee This darn snowglobe is the best y'all!
I put three outside my house this year ya hear?

I realy did not buy the 150 dollar blow up toy. My good
friend Michelle took this picture while she grocery shopped
last night. Can you believe with children going to bed
without food nowadays some people choose to buy
crazy stuff like this?
You could feed your family of 4 with 150 bucks
for at least two weeks
You could pay for heat for half a month in the winter.
You could invest the money towards your childs college tuition fund.

Well I guess the suburban people have to get their holiday kicks.
I get my kicks with martinis and shoes.

Also check out the OLD picture of the first time
my friend Kat(now happily married in Germany) introduced
me to the LOMO camera which is how in fact she met her
lovely German Husband named Alex!(otherwise known as Sasha)
Funny how you find the strangest remnants of your life
(like this photo taken in 2000) on the net when you least expect it.
ha ha ha

Monday, October 17, 2005

Simplicity....So hard

Today on a Monday I sit here with Artists Block. Have you ever heard such a thing?
Well. I am living it. I sit here with my talent and I think HOW can i make myself
a more clear and inviting entity. What THE? I know, you are confused right at this moment.....I am too.

I am trying to get myself together. Well I have it together but I am trying to evoke my former craziness that has since eluded me since I have taken on a more corporate and somewhat dull existance being a Accounts Payable person. Sure my job is fun to a point, Sure I would rather be hosting my own cooking show but a part of me who makes me ME is trying to get my attention again.

Thank you to my friend Kara for helping me see that I too can find my art life again. I am just doing some soul searching. That is probably why my new post has been almost two weeks in waiting. Wow time goes by so fast and its so hard to not get dizzy. I am dreaming up some new project for my portfolio right now but its taken me longer than expected to get my ducks in order. I have started trying to get myself motivated but as they say....good stuff takes time.

Time is of the essence right now.
Maybe I will have more time for myself tommorrow.
Today though its quitting time for one job and moving on to my night time
part time Kitchen Goods stint. Looks like I will have to resume this thought
til tommorrow

If any of you have ever had a hard time thinking of a name for your freelance design co please fill me in on some pointers. Buona notte!

Friday, September 30, 2005

She's a real smoky kitten

Good Morning All

Its Friday! Just two days to go til The Punk Rock Wedding of my sister in da law, Stine and my future brother in law Dave. The hair is gonna be DID. The nails are gonna be DONE. The dress is fabulous and waiting to be worn and myself as a bridesmaid, I am feeling the excitement.

I am also wicked excited(boston thing) to be wearing my new perfume of the season, LOVELY by Sarah Jessica....a true glamour compadre. Very nice scent! The good thing about it is its sultry but not overwhelming and can remind you of Green Apple Martinis which I am very fond of (two marachino cherries please).

My husbands family is lacing up their dance shoes. My brother jokingly nominated himself for Homecoming King and The presents are bought. The bride is anxious as all brides normally are but I think after the rehearsal she will be ultra relaxed(that is after i slip a valium in her diet coke) ha ha ha. JUST KIDDING!

The brother in law originally from Rockport,MA but currently earthy crunching it in Corvallis Oregon has arrived and much fun is to be had with him. It is exciting seeing as the last time i saw him was over a year ago. That should be fun. G Money Bags will make his comeback!

In true Marisa Josephine fashion let me bid you champagne wishes and caviar dreams for a lovely lovely weekend! October is knocking at our door! Answer the damn door!


Thursday, September 22, 2005

High Tea and 85 Degrees in September

When my husband and I recently traveled to London, UK we ventured to many cultural institutions along the Thames. We did the jubilee bridge, shakespeares globe theatre and various art museums(of course).

We did get to really honeymoon again. It was great. We had a couple of days to romance the heck out of London. It really was a beautiful place. I had always wanted to do High Tea so My awesome husband David thought what better place to go than the Savoy Hotel. This picture is not great quality because i need to retouch the lighting but this picture inspires me. It reminds me to enjoy the finer things in life. That trip to London and Spain really was great for us. We always have fun when we travel and that when can always be a long wait. But we did it. We saw London. Both our second times in london...Our first together as Married.

I am reminded of my newest favorite apprentice host, Martha Stewart. You see, I love martha criminal and all and I admire her strength and ingenuity. She taught me a little bit more about 'good things than i ever knew I could learn. Since she has a new trademark way of letting go of people from her competition I thought I would make this my trademark sign off too.

Have a great night and enjoy a cup of tea.


Marisa Josephine

Monday, September 19, 2005

Back in Black

This weekend I scrapped the highlights in my hair and the stress of everyday life by having the GREATEST time with my fabulous sister in law Christine and the fabulous bridesmaids for a night out to celebrate Christine's Bachelorette Party.

It was a mighty fine Saturday with Drinks & Food and LOTS OF FUN!

This night proved to me and christine that WE at 29 still got it going on.
We can dance all night and still function the next day.
Stiletto Martinis are pretty racy and good
and Christine and I can outdance the skinny waifs at the bar. :)

I finally was able to rid myself of the brassy golden highlights in my hair and therefore I am happy to be back to my dramatic dark haired raven self.
(even though this is not a picture of me...you get the picture...capice?)

Bring It on Monday! Bring it on!

Thursday, September 15, 2005

sleekening it if possible...

So this morning when i woke up at the ripe hour of 530am EST, I said to myself...why do people get up this early and go to the gym? Then my subconsious(the reasonably part of my brain) said, "Marisa, you owe it to yourself to start this day off on the right foot!. So Dragged myself up and out of that comfy bed and grabbed my cellphone, my jewels and my gym bag(packed with clothes), carressed the cat as she was startled by the LIght so early in the morning and headed out to the gym for my 6am spinning class.

I am happy to say this gym in the morning thing is really working for me. I am starting to make friends in the locker room and it feels good to be up and going well before my colleagues. And well.....spinning class kicks ass!

You see, I am trying to kick my own ass. Its pretty good so far. I am motivated by photos I find in my travels to own all the pretty books i have very little time to read. I am a graphic designer by nature so i am drawn to well designed book covers and stories of wild women. I myself am a little wild but conservative. My husband thought it would be funny to compare me to Charlotte on sex and the city. I was definately flattered. This makes me feel good. Its good to know others think you are truly making progress. The more i struggle to feel comfortable with who i am the more i am driven to get more out of life. For me, fun is spinning class at the gym.
Fun is dressing up for fun events with my friends and family. Fun is enjoying life as it is meant to be enjoyed. Today is a wonderful day! envision yourself cool and fashionista!

Even though its raining outside today
Always know its always a sunny day in your thoughts.

:)(my envisionment of the day)

Monday, September 12, 2005

So darlings

So darlings...Whats your passion?

Good Monday Ladies and Gents
This is a glorious 90 degree monday in the most awesome of cities(at least we think it is anyways). Its September 12th and its 90 degrees. Wow this could only be New England huh?

Anyways...I wanted to share a silly picture of me a week ago at my sister in law, Christine's pre-bachelorette party at the ever so fashionable restaurant Cuchi Cuchi near Central Sq in Cambridgetown. Here my husband and i had discovered a drink(as we like to discover drinks that are cool) that is called The ICE HOTEL. This drink is amazing and apparently seasonal at the Cuchi Cuchi. The restaurant itself is right out of a crazy movie. Since I myself love getting dressed up I thought this Diva party was a plan...The other bridesmaid Kara set this whole thing up. There will be more pics to come if you are lucky but in the meantime check out the Ice hotel and my real diamond necklace...ha ha ha

If i owned a necklace that big would I not have someone else typing my blog while i drank martinis? I think yes.

Kisses to all! Un bacio tutti!

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

WHOO What A Feeling!

Good Morning All,
Its a wonderful crisp morning here in the old Beantown. I cracked my own whip this morning and got back to my usual spinning in the am routine at the gym. Boy was that a TOUGH one! The best feeling though is being freshly showered. Its almost like your on a somber dusk boatride,the world feels totally quiet and refreshed. I highly reccomend getting yourself out of bed(no excuses) and getting yourself to your Gym. Its hard to get up at first but once you are there you can just challenge yourself.

The only drawback to spinning class is that your rear end really takes a beating. This beating is worth it though when you have the desire to shape up MORE! Its gonna be a GREAT DAY!

Lets get cookin' Its wednesday!

Friday, August 19, 2005

Its Friday and Its Time To Have Fun

Good Morning all
Its a wonderful day in Eastern Massachusetts...Bostonia. The sun is shining and its Friday! Its a wonderful thing this so called sunshine...but have any of you seen the moon? Its full and glorious!

A funny thing happened last night. I was forced to visit the Apple Store. I was a bit annoyed that I had to take my laptop and airport(wireless router) to the store. I assumed they would just try to sell me another one without fixing the one i had. LIKE THE LAST TIME... I hate it when you go to a store and they make you feel that whatever you already paid for is not worth it anymore. This is the experience I had when i went to another location of the Apple Store this past winter. I was very annoyed because my Powerbook Laptop that I paid a great load of moneys battery was going un-rechargeable. I brought it to the apple store where the GENIUS(thats what they call their employees) thought that I should have to buy a brand new laptop(mine was only a year old at that point and i did not have 3500 dollars to throw it out and buy another one) mainly because the people in silicone valley at Apple decided not to make the battery mu titanium powerbook came with anymore and then made another battery for this years model. The problem that threw me over the edge was that The NEW battery that apple made did not fit my one year old laptop. I was a bit BULLED. I tried to be patient and calm and resorted to finding a generic laptop battery. Thus I vowed to never return to the Apple store and do all my business with Apple online. I then took myself out to my car in the Chestnut Hill mall parking lot and bawled in lament for my powerbook baby. I know this was pathetic but how many of you buy a 3500 dollar laptop and then the next year your told its hopeless?

Well if you know me at all i do not usually take NO for an answer. I was angry. I wanted to fix my computer. I had hope. I logged on to the internet and went to Trusty EBAY. There by the grace of God I located my battery and purchased a BRAND NEW ONE for HALF the price apple would have charged me. So the lesson here is why Pay Steve Jobs more money than he is already making? well i probably did because i still bought an apple product and i did not buy it from the Geniuses at Apple Store.

Then yesterday I encountered a wireless router problem > I had to resort to returning to that god awful store called APPLE. This time though i could go to a new location much closer to my home in Braintree(located right next to the store I work for in the mall) So My poor husband Dave dragged me to the store. I was not excited to go deal with these GEniuses again. But we went anyways and guess what?
The Genius who helped us really was a great help! He totally fixed my router. I needed a new wireless card and the genius at apple tried to sell me the generic(BELKIN) brand that was half the price. Thank you to Apple. You redeemed yourself partially. So now that this Genius really did his job and took the time to explain everything to me so that I would understand it I feel like Apple is not trying to just sell sell sell anymore. They actually hired the right person in that guy. He looked beyond the selling point and really made the brand look better. I would have been happier if the replacement part was free but hey...I think this guy has helped out more than any other Apple person ever tried. So its a wonderful Day and I have the fastest computer in the world. I am a happy customer. KEEP THE FAITH!

Hope you all enjoyed my story. There are plenty of more to come. Tonight I get to help my sister in law write out 133 wedding invites. I should give you all a new story about Thai Food and wedding invites on my next entry. Til then....pray for my wrist that it holds up to the pressure! Ciao!

Monday, August 15, 2005


Hey there
Feeling Fabulous and Sultry Today
Watch out World!


Friday, August 12, 2005


So I believe after telling you that I work in a very cool Kitchen/Housewares Retail shop, you would think the store had adequate surveilance?
Most would think so.
But there is not enough.

Working at the store makes me happy. I therefore make more money than just working one job. I use such extra money to pay the bills but then sometimes that leaves me wanting to buy more frivoulous things (such as things at the Kitchen Store)
One thing that does not make me happy are shoplifters.
It infuriates me that I work Hard for my money and then some random theif(usually disguised very well as a normal shopper) steals something valuable. I have experienced such strife in the past couple of days over this issue. Maybe its because my parents raised me to have some sort of Morals. I wish others had the same morality.
Case in point.....Theif disguised as mother with baby in stroller walks through the store. She asks me where the pillows and comforters are on display. I tell her. I move on to helping the next impatient customer. While helping this customer I am interupted by another customer. Multimask Marisa helps this OTHER customer. and so on and so forth....Customer one...looking well put together and the least bit suspicious brings an item up to the counter and tells me she needs to return it. I ask for her sales receipt and she claims its a gift so she does not have the receipt. I tell her then store policy is store credit only. So she says she would like to exchange it for a full size comforter(thus this is the same comforter i would have liked to buy for myself so i tell her...what a great choice). She and I do the required exchange of paperwork. The price of the old item being returned for the new one is almost an equal exchange. Except for the .11c off. So we issue a store credit for .11c as we must even though I think that is ridiculous. Who spends .11c in a store that sells 15.00 candles?
Anyways, I do my job as I am there to do. I like to help people make good purchases. But i was suspicious.....There is a history of past shoplifters returning this exact item. BUt i think...well I cannot discriminate..this must be a valid return...or NOT
After the transaction is done....The customer leaves the store. Then my manager reveals that that ITEM was definately stolen because the ONLY one that was on the shelf (and we did not sell one all night or in the past two days) was Missing. Yes we all discover ...this customer just made off with something she did not pay for.

People steal
We all know that
BUt with not enough surveilance we cannot Prove it
til after the fact.
Where is the justice?
What will the baby in the stroller learn from his mom?
That its ok to steal just so that you can have Fancy Housewares?
I do not base my life on having fancy things in the house
frankly because my husband and I are just happy to have
food on the table and a roof over our heads.
We do not cheat others to get ahead.
I am in no way effected by this persons theft
but the morality is
Its just not right.
Its not a healthy way to live your life.
And I fear for this childs upbringing.
I know I cannot save the world from evil
There will always be THEIVERY and that saddens me.

I do not have children yet
but when i do someday
I will gladly teach them the meaning of
hard work and dedication is better than any
fancy car or brand name shoe.

(I know that you all think I am nuts now. But hey you must have a reaction to this.
Feel free to give feedback. I just hope that you all understand this entry was just to get it off my chest because i needed to vent. I am trying to move on but somehow it felt good to just get my story out there.)

Monday, August 08, 2005

This is not really a picture of me but it is similar to me if i was a model ha ha ha Posted by Picasa

NOt a movie star...but close!

Buon Giorno,
My name is a long one so i will just go by my first two...Marisa Josephine. Its pretty Italian. I guess you could say I am completely Italian. Mom is from Sicily and Dad is from Pordenone, Italy. I am what you call first generation Italienne.

I hail from Boston. Its my home. Its my home with my husband, Dave and my favorite cat Sushi Ciao. She's from Boston too. I have always wanted to do a blog. I love to talk and share recipes on how to deal with life, find new ways to enjoy the same small city(you can literally cross the city on foot in about two hours) and figure out how to not have a boring life.

When do you know you have become complex? When you have a degree in Graphic Design but choose to work doing Payables in a thriving plumbing supply business...i guess that is a mouth full. I am lucky enough to work for my family doing the accounting/bill paying for our family run company here in Boston, MA. Its pretty interesting learning a new trade but hey...when do artists not learn something new? An artist must be able to try many roads in life to get to that perfect piece they call a masterpiece. I prefer to cook up a new recipe for life in any way I can.

I did not mean to work in the Plumbing Supply Field. This path i have taken on is just making it a more stable life for both myself and my husband. My husband works too but in a hospital doing respiratory therapy. He loves it but aspires to be a Physician Assistant (so therefore one must go to grad school to achieve that goal). Dave loves the hectic life of school full time and work full time. I myself work two jobs. One must if you must keep your head above water. I work part time selling retail housewares in a hustle and bustle Big Chain Retail Kitchen store(the name shall remain anonymous). This store is a great place to learn new techniques and make new and exciting friends that keeps me sane and busy busy busy.

You see cooking is my other love of my life. I aspire to create new and healthy dishes to share with my husband, family and friends. Someday I hope to start my own design firm which goals will be shared later on.....i know you are trying to digest who the heck i really am...

I sometimes compare my spirit to the ever changing fad of nailpolish colors. All colors seem to revolve around what season it is. My art and thoughts are constantly changing too. It keeps me young and spicy!

have you ever thought to yourself....what is your purpose? I hope to find out. But like most I probably will not figure it out til i am 99 and still painting my toenails bright pink.