Friday, April 07, 2006

Stubborn....Then I Flamenco!

Hi there
Its friday and a wonderful sunny breezy day in the land of the Bean
Beantown that is. I like fridays but when fridays involve long days
of paperwork i just want to whip my hands in the air and
I have had a BLURRY CRAZY week
Its been emotional and happy all at the same time

I feel like doing a powerful dance!

I am also inspired by Shakira
"Baby when you talk like that
It makes a woman go mad
You know my hips don't lie And I'm starting to feel it's right All the attraction, the tension ... Oh, you know I am on tonight and my hips don't lie ..."

asta luego!
ciao ciao!



Kathryn said...

YES! Shakira! totally.

Megs said...

lolol i love how you start everything off with that its a great sunny day. so optimistic!

MarisaJosephine said...

oh how excited i am to come see you! hope you are well!

MarisaJosephine said...

i love that shakira song
i have even figured out how to
shake my thing in my car on the way to work with it on the radio!