Thursday, January 04, 2007

Ciao Darling ? Come Stai?

Ciao Mi Amici!

How have you been? How were your Holidays?
Hope they went well. I was sick for a bit so I was not really up to blogging
I appreciate your concern though

I am back to being fancy and oh so know....fabulous
I have not had caffeine in over 12 days and I think
it actually helps me stay on top of my nerves
I think i will go for it and try to live on less caffeine.
It seems to make me happier.
Starbucks decaf is so good too so I think i can keep up this new habit.
Dunkin Donuts should be outlawed. The coffee continues to disappoint me!

Audrey would not have anything so no class
so I am outruling Dunkin as of today

more later! so much work to do!


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What Would Audrey Do?