Thursday, February 01, 2007

Doe Eyed Beauty

Hi there
It saddens me to read of a sad sad story in the Boston Globe Today
Has this world gone so mad that someone would use a pellet gun
on a harmless seal?

I am a true animal lover and I believe in protecting our species
of the world. It hurts to read this story but It must be read.

In other news.....
some ridiculous ad campaign made our city of Boston a psychotic hot zone yesterday
because once again Money hungry TV networks feel they must stop at nothing to promote
the evil we call America's reliance on pathetic cartoons. I could go on and on because I feel that in this day and age Television Networks have had way too much freedom to abuse the laws by placing insane marketing devices under and in major danger areas prone to attacks. Hasn't Boston been through enough? Hasn't every city been through enough?
I do not mean to drag this down.
But it just rattles my brain as to why this is so called acceptable to some major corporations
to market in an age like this with such a guerrila style. I think America is overstimulated. They cannot even drive their kids around in a car without installing TVS in cars. TVS IN CARS ARE WRONG AND I WOULD NEVER EVER GET ONE. People need to start caring about the world around them and grow up.

I am just tired of the hate
stupid reality shows that award average chefs with awards when clearly
the one that deserved to win was shafted...because maybe all the TEXTed voters might not watch the show if the foodie judges pick the person who does deserve to win because it is a
Cooking Competition

Ok maybe i am going a bit far today
but I am just so aching to get this all off my brain

thank you for tuning in


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