Friday, December 07, 2007

Get Excited!

HI there
there are so many reasons to be excited today.

1) I get to pay the bills on monday 12/10/07.
2) My best friend and her husband come to stay with me and dave on 12/14/07
3) My other really awesome friend comes to town this weekend.
4) Some of my other favorite cousins come to town next weekend.
5) I get to design a new logo for a new company and I get to get paid for it.
6) dave graduates this coming May and hopefully we will be able to go away to
Europe and use some of my accrued vacation time. We also might get to meet up with
my best friend from germany and her husband.
7) I get to maybe go eat Indian Food tonight.
8) I get to do more christmas shopping this weekend and I might finally have a gameplan for presents for my parents.
9) If i ever get to add a more styled office to my home office,...This is what i would add to my home office.
(see pic above)
10) my christmas card design is coming out Fantastically!

Happy Friday everyone....Its a cold cold day in NE
but I am warm with Happiness!



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