Friday, June 16, 2006

I guess the Cat did it!

Husbands are a different species

case in point:
i turned the TV on yesterday
(because i wanted to watch the Britney Spears Interview on the TODAY SHOW)
(but i missed is why)

went in the other room
when i came back in the room
the TV was OFF
so i said to my husband
"did you turn it off?"
he said
"why are you accusing me of turning the tv off?"

i said
"well then I guess the cat did it"

Damn I better make my cat do more tricks!
Mama needs a new Car!


Janet said...

Oh, husbands. They can be so strange.

Janet said...


MarisaJosephine said...

actually its sparkling wine
because it is not made in france

ha ha ha

husbands are strange-o


Mother in Chief said...

I love that you two have *2* bottles of sparkling wine open in front of you... yum! So great seeing you guys a couple of weeks ago.

Kathryn said...

I tried to watch that interview the other night but everyone in the room HUFFED and PUFFED so I TIVOed it! and I totally forgot!!
I will watch it today.
comeover and lets get drunk and cry over Brittanys lost marriage!

and its ABOUT time you posted!

MarisaJosephine said...

britney never had a marriage to cry over......hee hee

i would come over
but I am sort of in BOSTON, MA

unless you own a private jet.
ha ha ha


bronxbt said...


Hey there!
Yesh, i'm in Boston for 3 days at the CTC conference down on the waterfront. (Seaport area?)

I've not been back here for 18 years, so omgoodness is everything changed!

'course, I just ate at an amazing italian place last night and finished off with some Canole's at a local pastry shop, so i've bascically died and gone to cloud nine.

Ping me at my site if you want to meet for drinks. giggle.

I leave tomororow afternoon!
YOU take care, say hello to the fam for me.

(Yeah, i'm a stranger, but the nice ones say that and mean it)


MarisaJosephine said...

hey bronx,
i have been feeling under the weather. thank you for the invite though. Hope you have a nice safe trip back....