Wednesday, July 19, 2006

YOU got Soul, YOU got Class.....Shake your B-___S!

Ok so I edited the Title because I do not believe in using Crass Language
on my site....even though I like to mumble it to myself on certain occasions

Gym Thing is going well. I really love my regimen.
The new locker room at my gym is what I have dreamed of for a while
I have a penchant for decor and bathroom fixtures.
I am pleased with a lot of things right now.

I am excited for my cousin to have baby #3
another cousin of mine had a healthy beautiful baby boy
I am finally feeling like I am on my way to a great physique.

Did I tell you I love Big Band Music?
I cannot wait for Christine Aguilera to come out with her new Twin set CDS
My brother in law and his girlfriend are so cool too
Now if my office A/C would work correctly all the pieces would fit together

ADDED BONUS OF THE DAY: EPISODE 2 Tonight on Bravo----Project Runway
(better than sports any day.....except WORLD CUP SOCCER!)

ciao for now
un bacio tutti!


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