Monday, April 30, 2007

OH. Its finally Spring!

Good Afternoon All,
Where have I been? I do not know.....everywhere but Posting!
Sorry for the delay. I know you have been sad and waiting for a new post
so here it is.

Well today it finally feels like spring! yes spring has arrived in boston
but boston only seems to partially understand spring. First its RAIN RAIN RAIN
and then COLD at night and then 70 degrees. I will take the 70 degrees anytime.
I am like a cat. I love heat. I hate cold.
But if you know me personally you know this is the deal-io

so tonight you must watch Dancing with the Stars.
You must also vote stupid John Ratzenberger off
We gotta keep Billy Ray on the show

Anyone hate stupid Cheryl Burkes fist in the air celebratory move
when she finds out she is staying on the show? I do.

ok back to work
maybe more later if you are lucky

in the meantime... enjoy a picture of me in paradise.
we leave for saint maarten on Saturday! Rock ON!


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NewApeV said...

Is this the same Marisa from back in the MassArt days? The one that used to hang out with Christine, Leah, Michelle, Dave, Evan, etc.? If so, hit me up! My email is I'm also on myspace at the way, it's Evan! ;) If this is NOT the same Marisa, please excuse my intrusion and have a nice day.