Thursday, April 05, 2007

Super Gorgeous!

hi there
so its almost time for easter in Boston
and its been a pretty cold few days
some parts of NE got snow . snow? yes. SNOW. Its april 5 in the
2008th year of our lord and we are getting snow in New England(NE) least south of boston where I live and breathe
got TORRENTIAL RAIN instead of SNOW.

So I guess I can tell you
DAVE and I are going on Vacation MAY 5-12th
to beautiful sunny SAINT MAARTEN!
We are so excited

Maybe i will wear a dress like this
if someone wants to buy it for me

once again....anthropologie speaks to me mentally
and artistically...but not finantially

love ya all
now i must get back to work
to pay for said vacation

(we are celebrating our 4 year wedding anniversary
and the end of our freedom..because starting in MAY my husband
will be tied to CLINICAL ROTATIONS until MAY 2008)

(no the people in the pic are not me and dave....but they are darn close replicas!)


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Kathryn said...

oooooooo have lots of fun!