Monday, August 27, 2007

YUM...... Iguana!!!!!!!!!!

do you ever say to yourself.....i will try anything?
do you ever think you will?
well you should never pass away a good tasty dish.

My coworked from Honduras told me to try some of this
what looked like chicken dish today at work.
I took a bite and let me tell you
it was soooooo tasty.

It was none other than IGUANA.
yes ladies and gents
I ATE IGUANA. and it was darn good.

oh what i do everyday at this plumbing supply job.
I WOULD SO EAT IT AGAIN....maybe i will ask my coworker
to give me a little more....put it in a tupperware
and serve it to my husband for dinner.

now i just have to get ahold of more....


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