Friday, August 31, 2007

Gelato! Sorbetto! Melto!!!!!

Hi there everyone.
The South Sore Plaza has come into a new kind of fast food joint.
Its a california chain called MELT.
They serve gelato and sorbetto. They also make sweet and savory crepes.

I do not know how healthy it is
but i had a ANDALUSIAN CREPE yesterday before my shift at the Kitchen store.
It had mushroom, spinach, avocado and cheese
and it was tasty!

I have to go back and try the gelato at some point but there
are only so many calories to be had in one day.

OH YEAH....My husband presented me with my birthday present yesterday.
Its' none other than the ring i have wanted for awhile....
A 7 carat Green amethyst with little diamonds all around it.
Can you say....Happy Birthday? i am so excited and happy and thankful.




Lori said...

Oh my deary! You guys soooo need to come to Chicago! We have a yummy gelato shop that just opened this week 1/2 block from our front door! They do not make cerepes but the gelato is yummmmmmmmyyyyyy! Lori (and Liz too)


Lori said...

p.s. Can't wait to see the ring!