Tuesday, September 11, 2007

If that is FAT then we must all be Heiffers!

To say that Britney is fat
is not very kind. I feel bad for her.
She wanted to make a comeback....and her song is great!
Her performance of it could have been better. SOME parts of the choreography
worked, some parts obviously did not.

Maybe a stylist should be fired for dressing her like that.
BUt hey, if you had TWO kids TWO years in a row

give the poor girl a chance.
Hollywood needs to eat something.
Its about time someone like Britney shows she is a real woman.

It frustrates me that
everyone thinks Britney is a fatty.
SHE IS SO NOT. i personally think she is still hot.
She has had some bad luck and she goes the way of giselle
with the bikini waxes....BUT she will come back
and as long as she gets back on being a better parent

she is so much better off now than when she was with that
LOUSE of a ex-husband....FEder WHO?


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