Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Adventures in Retail

Adventures in Retail...When dealing with a Cell Phone Utilizer...

I work in retail and i despise people on cell phones while you are trying to help them. so when i am at the register and someone is on the phone..i just stop what i am doing and wait for them to get off...and because they are annoyed that i am not ringing up their stuff...;they get off phone and then i restart ringing in their order and thank them for not talking on the phone because i want to make sure they are understanding what they are buying. :)

Sometimes if someone is talking on the cellphone and i am waiting for them to get off the phone
i start to ask them questions
that i know i do not need to ask
just to throw their concentration off.

its awful
it always



Lori said...

I wonder if you know how much i enjoy your blog.....


MarisaJosephine said...

thanks lori
i know i write about lunacy
but its too much fun to write about serious stuff sometimes.