Thursday, January 31, 2008


HI all......i took this picture from another website. I am really enjoying more advanced yoga at my gym. I am aiming to somehow get into this pose at some point.
SPEAKING OF THE GYM.. I saw this article and thought it would be nice to share.
taken from 01/31/08

Happy Birthday to Christine D...My sista in law! woot woot!
ok read the article.....

January is a crowded time at the gym. Lots of people are working out to fulfill their 2008 resolutions, which is truly great. I thought it might be a good idea to review a few key elements of gym etiquette. If you are new to gym life, or just need a refresher course please read on.

Some gyms make you sign up for machines, so ask before hopping up on one that you see is empty. You don't want to upset someone who's been waiting a half an hour for a turn.
Clean up after yourself. Always bring a towel with you to wipe down machines and the pool of sweat you might have created. Likewise, put equipment back where it belongs. Even if you found a set of free weights in the spinning room, put them back where they belong so others know where to find them.
Don't hog the machines (especially if it's a busy time). Some gyms have time limits and it's up to the person using the machine to get off on time. Don't be one of those people who cover the display and pretends like you have no idea you've been on it for over 30 minutes.
What else should you know? To find out read more

Set machines back to the standard position after you're done. It's annoying when you go to use the leg extension machine and some guy has set it to 80 pounds.
Be respectful of your fellow gym members. Keep the chatting to a minimum and if you must have your cell phone with you, put it on vibrate. If you get a call, find a private place to talk.
Don't stare at other people working out. If you have a question for them, go ahead and ask, but staring is impolite!
Even though you're in an all girls locker room, be a little modest. Nobody wants to see you walking about in your birthday suit (even if you are proud that your hard work is paying off).



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