Wednesday, March 19, 2008

shake yo tail feather!

hi there
i am still alive. been dealing with a stomach thing.
but it will go away sometime soon...god i hope

my friend Kara owns birds. Yesterday she came home
from work and her bird "ernie" who she thought was a BOY
had LAID AN now her name is ernestina
ha ha ha

Happy spring


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Caitlin said...

Hi Marisa! Thank you so much for visting my site, and for your kind words about Kona. She is just the sweetest, most fun little thing and has been such a great addition to our lives! She certainly looks just like a siamese - but she is actually an amazing breed called Ragdoll. Zach was going to rescue a kitten, but the more he learned about Ragdolls, the more he got hooked.

She is actually Zach's kitten, and he took care of the whole thing! He wanted me to tell you the following:
"Cheryl Adams is the breeder, and was really wonderful throughout the adoption process. Ragdolls are amazing. Do a little research about their wonderful temperament, the different colors and patterns, and the many, many enthusiasts! Maybe it's a Ragdoll you're looking for!
Here's a great site"

Also, thank you so much for posting the link to my site!

My turn to crush on you: Your site design is adorable. I can't settle on one, and I keep playing around with it. How did you come up with yours??

Thanks again Marisa!!

-- Caitlin @ Bread&Cheese