Monday, October 17, 2005

Simplicity....So hard

Today on a Monday I sit here with Artists Block. Have you ever heard such a thing?
Well. I am living it. I sit here with my talent and I think HOW can i make myself
a more clear and inviting entity. What THE? I know, you are confused right at this moment.....I am too.

I am trying to get myself together. Well I have it together but I am trying to evoke my former craziness that has since eluded me since I have taken on a more corporate and somewhat dull existance being a Accounts Payable person. Sure my job is fun to a point, Sure I would rather be hosting my own cooking show but a part of me who makes me ME is trying to get my attention again.

Thank you to my friend Kara for helping me see that I too can find my art life again. I am just doing some soul searching. That is probably why my new post has been almost two weeks in waiting. Wow time goes by so fast and its so hard to not get dizzy. I am dreaming up some new project for my portfolio right now but its taken me longer than expected to get my ducks in order. I have started trying to get myself motivated but as they say....good stuff takes time.

Time is of the essence right now.
Maybe I will have more time for myself tommorrow.
Today though its quitting time for one job and moving on to my night time
part time Kitchen Goods stint. Looks like I will have to resume this thought
til tommorrow

If any of you have ever had a hard time thinking of a name for your freelance design co please fill me in on some pointers. Buona notte!


Bar Supply Guy said...

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Megs said...

hey werent we going to start a business together ;o)

MarisaJosephine said...

i am open to any kind of business
if you want to do east coast west coast sounds good to me

what would we call our business?