Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Blowing Snow for the Low Price of $150

Wooowee This darn snowglobe is the best y'all!
I put three outside my house this year ya hear?

I realy did not buy the 150 dollar blow up toy. My good
friend Michelle took this picture while she grocery shopped
last night. Can you believe with children going to bed
without food nowadays some people choose to buy
crazy stuff like this?
You could feed your family of 4 with 150 bucks
for at least two weeks
You could pay for heat for half a month in the winter.
You could invest the money towards your childs college tuition fund.

Well I guess the suburban people have to get their holiday kicks.
I get my kicks with martinis and shoes.

Also check out the OLD picture of the first time
my friend Kat(now happily married in Germany) introduced
me to the LOMO camera which is how in fact she met her
lovely German Husband named Alex!(otherwise known as Sasha)
Funny how you find the strangest remnants of your life
(like this photo taken in 2000) on the net when you least expect it.
ha ha ha

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clipper829 said...

Some of us suburban folks are still into martinis and shoes!