Thursday, October 27, 2005

Losing my Mind and Sanity.....

My God,
What could have been a normal morning has been turned upside down. I get to work and not only has someone stolen my parking space but i had to block like a way from the office. Not that i do not need the exercise but it is like 30 degrees here today and I am always cold. I am trying to sip my coffee and calm and think of Yoga poses. This is one i aspire to master someday(but alas i am not that good yet).

I am also annoyed with my job today and this close to just going back home but with the enormous amount of work on my desk today i just have to stay at least til 3. Maybe i will try to squeeze a workout session at the gym on my way to Job #2 this evening. Maybe that will be something i can look foreward to. I think i just left a weird voicemail message on someones voicemail that i was peturbed about. I am losing my mind. Why do I do this job again?

Anyways it pays the bills and i have a crapload of them to pay this month. My vision of the moment that is keeping me sane is this Yoga pose. Oh to be Madonna and be able to do this pose!


Mother in Chief said...

Would you believe I went over to the wall and tried to figure out how to get into this pose after reading your post? I didn't think it looked too hard... that is until I had no idea of how you get your legs up against the wall.

MarisaJosephine said...

mother in chief,
you are a nut!
ha ha ha
i should try to get in that pose too. Dave would be like.....
"my wife is wild !"

i bet toddler in chief thought it was cool!