Tuesday, February 14, 2006

An Apron....Thats Romantical !

Happy Valentines!

I am starting out the day by sharing with you a funny and amusing story
from my night at work last night at the Kitchen Store Extraordinaire!

s0me guy wanted to buy his girlfriend an apron for valentines.....oh so romantic

but then he was like....you guys don't have nice quality aprons....where can i find NICE quality aprons

and i was like....i do not know...these aprons are good quality....maybe try macys? i was sure as hell

not mentioning the DARKSIDE....what kind of guy buys his girlfriend an apron for valentines day?

(maybe he thinks she will cook naked or something in it)

Ok with that I have to go do some work now
but maybe if you are nice....i will write more later

un bacio tutti


1 comment:

Megs said...

next time someone asks... lololol


i on the other hand, wouldve LOVED! an apron for valentines!!!