Wednesday, February 22, 2006


Ciao Mi amici,

Today is a beautiful sunny day in Boston. I am taking my mood from the inspiration
of happiness in the form of rice triangle goodness. I found this image on OMNASTE Blog. It made me smile so I want to share my smiles with you.

Thanks to Giada DeLaurentis of Everyday Italian Cooking Fame...I am now obsessed with making Red wine Veggie Risotto....just like my Nonna used to make. YUMMY!

This weekend was fabulous. I had so much fun with my BRO and his girl and
my husband and my sista in law and her husband SKIING . I used to be a crazy skier when i was younger. Then i had a fall and then was afraid for YEARS to get back and have fun with skis. Let me just tell you....I could not have had such a fun time had it not been for the careful pointers and encouragement in gradually working on my Alpine Skills from my three best teachers, Joseph my ultra cool brother, David my ultra supportve husband and Kate my bros partner in crime.

Besides the fact that it was MINUS 7 degrees on the two mountains we skied. We had oh so much fun on Waterville Valley and Bretton Woods. Yes we skied in the White Mountains of NH. It was an awesome trip. We ate good Bison Burgers and drank Hynotique Ice Hotel martinis. Polished off TWO huge bottles of Yellowtail Hot Pink Cabernet Shiraz and Had a fabulous time freezing our derrieres off by climbing in and out of the OUTDOOR HOT TUB at the Resort we stayed at. YES LADIES AND GENTS WE MASSACHUSETTS FOLKS ARE CRAZY...We go in HOT TUBS IN OUR BATHING SUITS IN -7 degrees weather. THAT HOT WATER FELT SO GOOD ON OUR MUSCLES>

also we topped off the weekend by having a spa day at the Loon Mountain Spa. Oh my my skin has never felt so soft. I tried a citrus and blood orange salt and olive glow. Oh it was refreshing. My husband had a massage and My sister in law had a pedicure. Then we all enjoyed the steam room. Lovely.

Heres to a new fresh outlook on winter
when it snows....get your skis on
i think maybe we should try to squeeze in some more skiing before winter ends


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