Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Rock in your shoe? Keep Walkin!....

Good Morning all,
I know all of you are saying , " Marisa does not like Purple."
Its totally vrai. I do not like Purple.
I could make an exception for these though.

Its a beautiful day here in Boston. The sun is shining.
Its is also a lucky day. I thought i had a rock in my shoe
but I was in a rush to get to work so i drove here
and then when i got here I thought I would shake my shoe out
expecting a rock....what fell out instead was....TWO QUARTERS!
Fifty Cents! I am RICH! Ha ha ha
You know its your lucky day when you find money in your shoe.

What you can do with 50Cents(.50) in MA:
- Half of your car can drive on the Mass Turnpike One- Way on your journey
- You can buy 40 minutes at a parking meter in Bostonia
- You can buy a Reese Peanut BUtter Chocolate Heart
- You can buy 1/4 cup of a tall latte at Starbucks
- You can almost ride the bus in Boston
- You can buy a soda in a vending machine
- You can buy two donut holes at Dunkin Donuts
- You can donate 50 cents to church collection at church
- You can buy one grapefruit at the Milton Marketplace
- You can buy a wine stopper at Crate and Barrel
- You can buy a cookie at Stop and Shop

As you can see....I am happy today.
The stress level is low.(and as you know I am 50 cent richer than i was before i got up this morning)
Its pretty pathetic that The auditions for American Idol in Boston
on tv last night were pretty darn sad. One contestant did look like
a poodle. Girl, get you some FRIZZ-EASE. John Frieda you are a
saint disguised as a weirdo. ANYWAYS....

Have you tried the new Starbucks Guatemala GOurmet Blend. Its a tad
bit more expensive( i will save my 50 cents for a nother pound of it)
It possesses slight chocolate undertones.

I would describe my mood as Chocolate-Hazelnut today.
What flavor is your mood today?

un bacio tutti,

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Cocktail Mermaid said...

I guess it depends on which wine stopper but the one I like comes to $1.37 with the discount.