Friday, August 18, 2006

Being 30 deserves a Tattoo !

So.... while reading my usual daily reading of
I came across this cool picture of Christina Ricci.
I think she only gets better with age( I used to think she was kind of dorky)
I do too.(get better with age that is)

Not only did this picture make me envious
but i think it would be pretty sexy to get a tiny
tattoo under my bustline

I have not done this.
But its an that i would need to really think about.
There is something about nice scripted type as a tattoo that makes me quiver.
Maybe this graphic designer in me needs to be revealed

Its pretty cool to be 30.
I think I am liking it.

Happy Friday everyone!

-un bacio tutti-


Kathryn said...

i wonder what her tattoo says.
do you know?

MarisaJosephine said...

its probably says
"don't you wish you had my bikini?"
ha ha

saw you went to disney
did you have fun?

Kathryn said...

yes I cant help but to have fun in D land.