Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Pondering while Lounging

Sometimes you have a day when you really do not want to say much
but you need to say something.
its almost september. i really dread september.
the weather gets colder and you cannot go to the beach.
i love august. this august has been ok
but somehow i feel like my life has been so backwards lately

it seems like the end of august brings on the serious
misconceptions you have about everything.
number one in my book to ponder is how to make
the most out of this two job work seven days a week kind of life.
i am getting really tired of this whole routine

the only good thing about upcoming september
is that:
1) good fashion is coming soon!
2) hot soup
3) no more bathing suits
4) no more shorts and capri pants
5) hooray for patterned tights and BOOTS!
6) hugging my cat for warmth at night instead of pushing her away since its too hot out.

is it Friday yet?



Kathryn said...

are ya gonna pot in september?

Kathryn said...

not pot.