Friday, August 12, 2005


So I believe after telling you that I work in a very cool Kitchen/Housewares Retail shop, you would think the store had adequate surveilance?
Most would think so.
But there is not enough.

Working at the store makes me happy. I therefore make more money than just working one job. I use such extra money to pay the bills but then sometimes that leaves me wanting to buy more frivoulous things (such as things at the Kitchen Store)
One thing that does not make me happy are shoplifters.
It infuriates me that I work Hard for my money and then some random theif(usually disguised very well as a normal shopper) steals something valuable. I have experienced such strife in the past couple of days over this issue. Maybe its because my parents raised me to have some sort of Morals. I wish others had the same morality.
Case in point.....Theif disguised as mother with baby in stroller walks through the store. She asks me where the pillows and comforters are on display. I tell her. I move on to helping the next impatient customer. While helping this customer I am interupted by another customer. Multimask Marisa helps this OTHER customer. and so on and so forth....Customer one...looking well put together and the least bit suspicious brings an item up to the counter and tells me she needs to return it. I ask for her sales receipt and she claims its a gift so she does not have the receipt. I tell her then store policy is store credit only. So she says she would like to exchange it for a full size comforter(thus this is the same comforter i would have liked to buy for myself so i tell her...what a great choice). She and I do the required exchange of paperwork. The price of the old item being returned for the new one is almost an equal exchange. Except for the .11c off. So we issue a store credit for .11c as we must even though I think that is ridiculous. Who spends .11c in a store that sells 15.00 candles?
Anyways, I do my job as I am there to do. I like to help people make good purchases. But i was suspicious.....There is a history of past shoplifters returning this exact item. BUt i think...well I cannot discriminate..this must be a valid return...or NOT
After the transaction is done....The customer leaves the store. Then my manager reveals that that ITEM was definately stolen because the ONLY one that was on the shelf (and we did not sell one all night or in the past two days) was Missing. Yes we all discover ...this customer just made off with something she did not pay for.

People steal
We all know that
BUt with not enough surveilance we cannot Prove it
til after the fact.
Where is the justice?
What will the baby in the stroller learn from his mom?
That its ok to steal just so that you can have Fancy Housewares?
I do not base my life on having fancy things in the house
frankly because my husband and I are just happy to have
food on the table and a roof over our heads.
We do not cheat others to get ahead.
I am in no way effected by this persons theft
but the morality is
Its just not right.
Its not a healthy way to live your life.
And I fear for this childs upbringing.
I know I cannot save the world from evil
There will always be THEIVERY and that saddens me.

I do not have children yet
but when i do someday
I will gladly teach them the meaning of
hard work and dedication is better than any
fancy car or brand name shoe.

(I know that you all think I am nuts now. But hey you must have a reaction to this.
Feel free to give feedback. I just hope that you all understand this entry was just to get it off my chest because i needed to vent. I am trying to move on but somehow it felt good to just get my story out there.)


Mother in Chief said...

I think this is a good example of why racial profiling doesn't work. This woman didn't look like a theif, but a theif she was. And if someone had been slinking through the store looking theify, everyone would have assumed it was them. I totally understand why you're bothered by this.

Megs said...

gosh i could not agree more. some people get a kick out of getting away with things. and it pisssssssssses me off! cuz thats just selfish! you get away with something and someone else will have to pay. another irksome thing is skipping the bill. why on earth would another do that! you ate the meal - you should pay for it... grr... this stuff upsets me.....