Monday, August 08, 2005

NOt a movie star...but close!

Buon Giorno,
My name is a long one so i will just go by my first two...Marisa Josephine. Its pretty Italian. I guess you could say I am completely Italian. Mom is from Sicily and Dad is from Pordenone, Italy. I am what you call first generation Italienne.

I hail from Boston. Its my home. Its my home with my husband, Dave and my favorite cat Sushi Ciao. She's from Boston too. I have always wanted to do a blog. I love to talk and share recipes on how to deal with life, find new ways to enjoy the same small city(you can literally cross the city on foot in about two hours) and figure out how to not have a boring life.

When do you know you have become complex? When you have a degree in Graphic Design but choose to work doing Payables in a thriving plumbing supply business...i guess that is a mouth full. I am lucky enough to work for my family doing the accounting/bill paying for our family run company here in Boston, MA. Its pretty interesting learning a new trade but hey...when do artists not learn something new? An artist must be able to try many roads in life to get to that perfect piece they call a masterpiece. I prefer to cook up a new recipe for life in any way I can.

I did not mean to work in the Plumbing Supply Field. This path i have taken on is just making it a more stable life for both myself and my husband. My husband works too but in a hospital doing respiratory therapy. He loves it but aspires to be a Physician Assistant (so therefore one must go to grad school to achieve that goal). Dave loves the hectic life of school full time and work full time. I myself work two jobs. One must if you must keep your head above water. I work part time selling retail housewares in a hustle and bustle Big Chain Retail Kitchen store(the name shall remain anonymous). This store is a great place to learn new techniques and make new and exciting friends that keeps me sane and busy busy busy.

You see cooking is my other love of my life. I aspire to create new and healthy dishes to share with my husband, family and friends. Someday I hope to start my own design firm which goals will be shared later on.....i know you are trying to digest who the heck i really am...

I sometimes compare my spirit to the ever changing fad of nailpolish colors. All colors seem to revolve around what season it is. My art and thoughts are constantly changing too. It keeps me young and spicy!

have you ever thought to yourself....what is your purpose? I hope to find out. But like most I probably will not figure it out til i am 99 and still painting my toenails bright pink.


Mother in Chief said...

I read the entire post before I figured out it was the almost famous artist Marisa from Boston. Welcome to the blogosphere and you go girl!!

MarisaJosephine said...

Thank you suzanne!
I appreciate the support
I have always wanted to try a blog. As you can see my life is pretty crazy right now...especially while being in Christines wedding party. Hope you and Father in Chief and Toddler in Chief are all well in sunny SF