Friday, August 19, 2005

Its Friday and Its Time To Have Fun

Good Morning all
Its a wonderful day in Eastern Massachusetts...Bostonia. The sun is shining and its Friday! Its a wonderful thing this so called sunshine...but have any of you seen the moon? Its full and glorious!

A funny thing happened last night. I was forced to visit the Apple Store. I was a bit annoyed that I had to take my laptop and airport(wireless router) to the store. I assumed they would just try to sell me another one without fixing the one i had. LIKE THE LAST TIME... I hate it when you go to a store and they make you feel that whatever you already paid for is not worth it anymore. This is the experience I had when i went to another location of the Apple Store this past winter. I was very annoyed because my Powerbook Laptop that I paid a great load of moneys battery was going un-rechargeable. I brought it to the apple store where the GENIUS(thats what they call their employees) thought that I should have to buy a brand new laptop(mine was only a year old at that point and i did not have 3500 dollars to throw it out and buy another one) mainly because the people in silicone valley at Apple decided not to make the battery mu titanium powerbook came with anymore and then made another battery for this years model. The problem that threw me over the edge was that The NEW battery that apple made did not fit my one year old laptop. I was a bit BULLED. I tried to be patient and calm and resorted to finding a generic laptop battery. Thus I vowed to never return to the Apple store and do all my business with Apple online. I then took myself out to my car in the Chestnut Hill mall parking lot and bawled in lament for my powerbook baby. I know this was pathetic but how many of you buy a 3500 dollar laptop and then the next year your told its hopeless?

Well if you know me at all i do not usually take NO for an answer. I was angry. I wanted to fix my computer. I had hope. I logged on to the internet and went to Trusty EBAY. There by the grace of God I located my battery and purchased a BRAND NEW ONE for HALF the price apple would have charged me. So the lesson here is why Pay Steve Jobs more money than he is already making? well i probably did because i still bought an apple product and i did not buy it from the Geniuses at Apple Store.

Then yesterday I encountered a wireless router problem > I had to resort to returning to that god awful store called APPLE. This time though i could go to a new location much closer to my home in Braintree(located right next to the store I work for in the mall) So My poor husband Dave dragged me to the store. I was not excited to go deal with these GEniuses again. But we went anyways and guess what?
The Genius who helped us really was a great help! He totally fixed my router. I needed a new wireless card and the genius at apple tried to sell me the generic(BELKIN) brand that was half the price. Thank you to Apple. You redeemed yourself partially. So now that this Genius really did his job and took the time to explain everything to me so that I would understand it I feel like Apple is not trying to just sell sell sell anymore. They actually hired the right person in that guy. He looked beyond the selling point and really made the brand look better. I would have been happier if the replacement part was free but hey...I think this guy has helped out more than any other Apple person ever tried. So its a wonderful Day and I have the fastest computer in the world. I am a happy customer. KEEP THE FAITH!

Hope you all enjoyed my story. There are plenty of more to come. Tonight I get to help my sister in law write out 133 wedding invites. I should give you all a new story about Thai Food and wedding invites on my next entry. Til then....pray for my wrist that it holds up to the pressure! Ciao!

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