Monday, September 12, 2005

So darlings...Whats your passion?

Good Monday Ladies and Gents
This is a glorious 90 degree monday in the most awesome of cities(at least we think it is anyways). Its September 12th and its 90 degrees. Wow this could only be New England huh?

Anyways...I wanted to share a silly picture of me a week ago at my sister in law, Christine's pre-bachelorette party at the ever so fashionable restaurant Cuchi Cuchi near Central Sq in Cambridgetown. Here my husband and i had discovered a drink(as we like to discover drinks that are cool) that is called The ICE HOTEL. This drink is amazing and apparently seasonal at the Cuchi Cuchi. The restaurant itself is right out of a crazy movie. Since I myself love getting dressed up I thought this Diva party was a plan...The other bridesmaid Kara set this whole thing up. There will be more pics to come if you are lucky but in the meantime check out the Ice hotel and my real diamond necklace...ha ha ha

If i owned a necklace that big would I not have someone else typing my blog while i drank martinis? I think yes.

Kisses to all! Un bacio tutti!


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Sarah said...

i love cuchi cuchi!!!

MarisaJosephine said...

thanks sarah! we loved it too. it was a great time!

Janet said...

Looks like fun! What a cute idea. An ICE HOTEL? Yes, please.

I wear MY diamonds like that to the pool. Haha!

Mother in Chief said...

Wish I could have been there.. BTW: you look gooooregeous!

Megs said...

martinis and diamonds.... what more can i ask for???????? hahah!!!