Friday, September 30, 2005

She's a real smoky kitten

Good Morning All

Its Friday! Just two days to go til The Punk Rock Wedding of my sister in da law, Stine and my future brother in law Dave. The hair is gonna be DID. The nails are gonna be DONE. The dress is fabulous and waiting to be worn and myself as a bridesmaid, I am feeling the excitement.

I am also wicked excited(boston thing) to be wearing my new perfume of the season, LOVELY by Sarah Jessica....a true glamour compadre. Very nice scent! The good thing about it is its sultry but not overwhelming and can remind you of Green Apple Martinis which I am very fond of (two marachino cherries please).

My husbands family is lacing up their dance shoes. My brother jokingly nominated himself for Homecoming King and The presents are bought. The bride is anxious as all brides normally are but I think after the rehearsal she will be ultra relaxed(that is after i slip a valium in her diet coke) ha ha ha. JUST KIDDING!

The brother in law originally from Rockport,MA but currently earthy crunching it in Corvallis Oregon has arrived and much fun is to be had with him. It is exciting seeing as the last time i saw him was over a year ago. That should be fun. G Money Bags will make his comeback!

In true Marisa Josephine fashion let me bid you champagne wishes and caviar dreams for a lovely lovely weekend! October is knocking at our door! Answer the damn door!



Janet said...

Oooh! I want the Lovely perfume! It smells so good.

MarisaJosephine said...


Frankie said...

So, Marisa -

Details on the wedding?

You're due for a post, my lady!

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