Thursday, September 22, 2005

High Tea and 85 Degrees in September

When my husband and I recently traveled to London, UK we ventured to many cultural institutions along the Thames. We did the jubilee bridge, shakespeares globe theatre and various art museums(of course).

We did get to really honeymoon again. It was great. We had a couple of days to romance the heck out of London. It really was a beautiful place. I had always wanted to do High Tea so My awesome husband David thought what better place to go than the Savoy Hotel. This picture is not great quality because i need to retouch the lighting but this picture inspires me. It reminds me to enjoy the finer things in life. That trip to London and Spain really was great for us. We always have fun when we travel and that when can always be a long wait. But we did it. We saw London. Both our second times in london...Our first together as Married.

I am reminded of my newest favorite apprentice host, Martha Stewart. You see, I love martha criminal and all and I admire her strength and ingenuity. She taught me a little bit more about 'good things than i ever knew I could learn. Since she has a new trademark way of letting go of people from her competition I thought I would make this my trademark sign off too.

Have a great night and enjoy a cup of tea.


Marisa Josephine

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Megs said...

i musssssst say! you sure are an optimist and i love it! and you hit it right on the spot when you say that we all need to rememnber to enjoy the finer things in life. Or what we ourselves define as "the finer things". whetehr it be travel, clothes, bags, sports, whatever fancies your heart. reward youreslf b/c you deserve it!