Monday, September 19, 2005

Back in Black

This weekend I scrapped the highlights in my hair and the stress of everyday life by having the GREATEST time with my fabulous sister in law Christine and the fabulous bridesmaids for a night out to celebrate Christine's Bachelorette Party.

It was a mighty fine Saturday with Drinks & Food and LOTS OF FUN!

This night proved to me and christine that WE at 29 still got it going on.
We can dance all night and still function the next day.
Stiletto Martinis are pretty racy and good
and Christine and I can outdance the skinny waifs at the bar. :)

I finally was able to rid myself of the brassy golden highlights in my hair and therefore I am happy to be back to my dramatic dark haired raven self.
(even though this is not a picture of get the picture...capice?)

Bring It on Monday! Bring it on!


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Sarah said...

i did this same thing two weeks ago! i went from being a light auburnhaired/golden streaked girl to a dark auburn girl and i am loving the change.