Friday, September 22, 2006

Dreams of Capri and Chartreuse Candles....

I dream of Capri
You say the word to me and i go off to a happy place I dream of visiting
before we settle down and have children.

My husband who is a very caring person is persuing his
dream of becoming a Physician Assistant. I am very excited for him
because I know it is what he really wants to do . I go between
goals on a regular basis. Some days I want to be a graphic designer(which
i already supposedly am) and other days I dream of enrolling
in Culinary School to learn the fine art of cuisine.

I do not want to own a restaurant but because I love to cook so much
I feel there has to be a way to combine my love for cooking and
preparing masterful meals for our someday children and their children
(if i live that long...hee hee)
Cooking and Italy have always been a part of my life.
Growing up I have fond memories of my mom by the stove
and my dad telling silly stories of Italy
You see, my parents are both off the boat
They worked hard to get where they are today
My husband works hard too to help us live a healthy life
Where am I going with this?

I dream.
I dream a lot.
I dream of a long beautiful journey
that will teach me things I never knew about myself.

I am inspired by the people around me
I am inspired by strange things such as candles which
intrique me to think how life is truly amazing.
If you think I am random then you truly do not understand me
but since I dream....sensibility is not always an artists best trait..
I am sensory
I sense the things that make me happy in life
and I work toward my goals

how randomly i get there is my business
and doing what you love and being who you want to be
should be ones only goal in life

someone invented this candle and called it Capri Green
If it makes you dream.....then the message worked

ok now i am done
and that was random
but it was fun to read



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