Thursday, November 29, 2007

Fancy Dishes I dream about at night!

Hi there
where have i been?
who knows!

I have been:
-eating pie
-making food
-making pie
-juggling life
-collecting aprons for pattern ideas
-watching project runway/real housewives/desperatehousewives/antm & allmychildren
-wondering when two characters are gonna get rescued from a bombshelter on allmychildren.
-wondering when the bills for the SAAB and THE VW will ever stop.
-wondering why my comcast bill is 10 dollars more this month...oh yeah that ONDEMAND MOVIE we watched because Hollywood Video closed one more store....
-wondering how many times i have gone to the grocery store and gas station in the past two weeks.
-wondering if god will ever make my car work right.
- having a blast with my husband watching TV and making chex mix(or having him make me some chex mix...)

so today i dropped over 200 for brake work for my car
yesterday got screwed by the tire shop for a shitty job and paid them 160

this christmas i would like a million dollars
this plate aforementioned above.

ok now back to work and
retail job tonight
mall traffic
lots of christmas love

Happy Thursday!



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