Friday, November 30, 2007


I am feeling the aftereffects of my adventure at the auto shop yesterday.
My lovely brake job drained me of some hard earned money
and because my part time retail gig is cheating me out of HOURS
i am feeling a bit stressed today

so i did some research on how to reduce stress.


Let's face it, the holiday season is stressful. Couple that with all the runny noses that surround you and it becomes clear – vitamin C is your ally. Aside from helping shorten the duration of a cold, fighting wrinkles, and helping absorb iron, vitamin C is a stress buster. Boosting your system with extra C before stressful events can help bring your blood pressure back to normal more quickly. Plus it can help even out your cortisol levels after a taxing situation. Cortisol is a brain chemical that is part of our response to stress, and while it is good to have around in the short term, you really don't want it lingering in your system. Hence the importance of Vitamin C since it helps brings cortisol levels back to normal.

Fit's Tips: Winter is citrus season, so it easy to get vitamin C from food sources. If citrus isn't your thing, check out this list

Recently California suffered when temps (remember we are talking about California here) dipped to around 30 degrees killing a good amount of the bountiful citrus crops.

So even though we are facing a minor citrus shortage, it is still recommended that you get at least 75-90 mg per day of vitamin c. In light of all this, you can still get your oranges from Florida, but there are lots of other foods high in vitamin c that you may also want to consider such as:

Papaya: 313.1 mg in one
Bell peppers: 174.80 mg in one cup
Broccoli: 205.7 mg in one cup
Brussel sprouts: 161.2 mg in one cup
Strawberries: 136.1 mg in one cup
Cantaloupe: 112.5 mg in one cup
Kiwi (the fruit, not the bird): 95 mg in one
Cauliflower: 91.5 mg in one cup
Kale: 88.8 mg in one cup
Fit's Tip: It is recommended that adults don't consume above 2,000 milligrams in one day.

I think i will eat a clementine right now.
Go on y'all get your citrus on!
I think i will have a CITRUS INFUSED MARGARITA tonight!


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