Thursday, November 03, 2005

Apparently I look Good Today....well Thats nice.

*copyright note- this photo was taken from a website called highly amusing website check it out!

Hi all,
Do you ever have one of those days when it all seems to make more sense than the day before? But then you think....Jeez why can't others just be normal human beings?. I am not truly complaining in this post but i feel like some people forget the rules of being friends and just basically turn into weirdos you somehow know.

Obviously this post is scattered but at this moment let me just say this......
Sometimes you just gotta do your THANG on yo OWN! As my friend G-Spice says to me
all the time.....Why be Wack? Hollah! Get down with yo bad self!

Well babies.....The bad self has had enough. its time for a personal redesign.
Also i am scrapping the StellaMarina thing in favor of the SugarOrchid design name.

SugarOrchid sound so much more fashionable....more later!



Zahra said...

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Janet said...

Do yo thang girl! :o)