Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Put the O back in Country!

Hey y'all,
This picture of Shooter Jennings Cracked me UP this morning. Seriously can this guy look any damn funnier? Sometimes you need to laugh at stuff. This world is pretty funny you just have to let yourself be amused.

I for one, enjoy the fine tune of Country Music. I enjoy it so much that I am counting the days til we (Dave and I) get to go to Texas to experience this genre of music in all its glory. Its music that makes you smile! and Laugh! and there is not enough laughing in this world.

Today if you see someone on the street, smile their way....you might have made them realise life is really not that serious.

On other notes, the funniest thing that made me laugh(other than the shooter jennings guy) was when i went to the voting booth this morning. I said my name like 5 times and had to manually point out my name because the person who was checking the registration books seemed to not be able to read what was in front of them so i basically checked my name off for them. The other thing that cracks me up about going to the voting place is the fact that as you try to enter through the door everyone and their mother tries to accost you with brochures of who to vote for. I know I read up on my candidates before going down to the voting booth. The amusing thing is the brochures just basically say the candidates name. If the candidates really want the voter to make an educated choice they should refresh the voters memory with the run down of their stances on important issues. So instead.....voters are more confused than ever. I know I am not confused. Everyone GO VOTE!


Janet said...

Hee hee.

I'll be voting after school!

Sarah said...

i heard through the blog grapevine that you want in on the Pink Shoe Cookbook? send me your email address and i will send you an invite to be an administrator! :-P