Monday, November 14, 2005

Mama Licari & Her Sauce

Monday Monday
The Day after sunday
I have so many new HAPPY(yes happy...can you believe it?) thoughts in my head
Call me nuts. Call me wild. Call me Happy cuz thats what I am.
But It all started with a Concert. And a martini with a good friend.
Megs I was so happy to see you. You totally made my night!
Those of you who know me know i like the Arts and Theater
Most of you know my nutty taste in Music(i.e country and hip-hop)
You all know my love of cooking
Now i feel blessed to know another Blogger, Francesca
of: Frankiecan'trelax Fame.

I hope you do not mind me posting an awesome excerpt from your
blog today girl. You truly speak what i think.

"But, if the way to a man heart is through his stomach, then the window to an Italian
woman's soul is in her oven. You can tell how much said woman likes the man she is cooking for by checking out what is bubbling under the lids on the stove. To me, making a man a pot of homemade sauce is a very loving gesture. The process takes anywhere from 5-8 hours,depending on how much you are making. A medley of meats, cheeses, wine, and other ingredients slowly simmer to perfection under the attentive hand of the cook. The recipe is secret, passed down from generation to generation. "

Brava mi amici! Tutti Brava!

I will elaborate on the concert maybe tommorrow
I think if i do not get this work done thats on my desk today
I will be in serious sauce.

Ciao Ciao


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